Wednesday, March 14, 2012

They Don't Call Me Faye Runaway For Nothing...


True to my name, I sort of ran away for the last few months. Many of you already know this, because I have had more than a few requests for a new blog. Ha ha.

I was off corrupting innocents and violating holes of all shapes and sizes (including my own).

But, just as I always do, I have returned for some fun and entertainment.

I just got done on my webcam and am currently eating the banana that was in my ass only an hour or so ago. (What?!... I'm hungry!) Ha ha.

I will be on web cam periodically throughout the day today also (Thursday) and I need some fresh new ideas of what you all want to see. Email me your ideas at and I will be sure to fit them all inside of me. I mean... Fit them all in. ;-)

You can watch me on cam here: and if I am not on when you first check, hop back on after a bit and i'm sure you'll find me performing some filthy act or another. <3

Oooh! I almost forgot to mention! I'm a red-head right now!!!

With that, I will leave you with a few photos from today and bid thee all goodnight with the honorary "Cocks & Popshots!"


<3 Faye Runaway <3

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Faye Runaway Presents Gemma Stone!

I would like everyone to give a warm, wet welcome to my newest contract girl Gemma Stone!

I met Gemma in Provo, Utah; back when young Gemma was a naive Mormon girl with a taste for the dirty life. Or maybe I had a taste of the Mormon life If you know what I mean. =)

I met Gemma at a punk show in which she had to lie to her parents to attend. She had told her parents she was staying the night at a friends house, and after a few drinks and a long show, she realized that she really didn't have anywhere to spend the night other than home.

Now, being the kind, gentle, (perverted and manipulating) soul that I am, I asked Gemma if she wanted to come back to my house. Maybe it was the drinks or possibly (DEFINITELY) my insinuations, but that night I got to see the real Gemma Stone (ALL OF HER!!!)

Now, years later, I've convinced Gemma to share herself with all of you. With her being my newest contract girl, this wont be the last you see of Gemma Stone. I am currently working LONG and HARD on my website, where you can watch Gemma and my webcams and SO much more!!!

Check out Gemma's FIRST blog post at Show my girl what every inch of the Faye Runaway family feels like!

Cocks & Popshots! (All over Gemma's face)

It really is the season of giving!

<3 Faye Runaway

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wanna Get Poked?

I mean pierced pervert! Get your mind outta the gutter! Ha ha!

If anyone lives near D.C. or is in the area visiting come see my friend Craig Unglesbee in Woodbridge at Doctor Sin Tattoo & Body Piercing to get your fix!

Craig does amazing surface and body piercing work, and If you're really lucky he might just tickle your twat with his super sexy beard!
(Don't worry, the crappy photoshop layout was my doing! Lol!)

Add Craig on Facebook at 

Check out his site at

And check out the shop at

You'll be seeing more from Craig when I start shooting my piercing-porn line (Yes ladies, his twat tickler will be there too!)

As always,

Cocks & Popshots!

<3 Faye Runaway

Yes he does!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween!

Here are some pics of me in my costume! 

...Or lack there of.

<3 Faye Runaway XxX 

Here are some new pictures!

<3 Faye Runaway

Sunday, October 30, 2011

And a Mannequin Fetish is Born!

So I'm sure at some point we have all had phone sex or "sexted" before, but generally people have previously met or at least had "normal" sexual or romantic interactions with the person they are having phone sex with.

NOT MY STYLE!!! Ha ha.

When me and the boyfriend first started talking we had never met. (Thank you Facebook!) Not only had we never met but we figured out we were both kinky freaks about two seconds into talking. (Not that it takes a whole lot of digging to discover such facts about me.)

Needless to say our technologically delivered sex life was fantastically weird right off the bat. We would get each other all hot and bothered via phone and text and then...

He asks.

What do I want to see?

Now, between me knowing he is a hairstylist and having gone to cosmetology school myself, I naturally push the limits and take a chance by telling him exactly what the fuck I want to see...

That's right folks! I told him to shoot his load right on the face of a mannequin head for me! To me this makes perfect sense, he is 3000 miles away and I want a face full of hot cum, so I pick the next best thing. 

I figure he is either gonna do it for me and love it, or think I'm fucking insane and I'll never hear from him again. Lucky for me he did it for me and loved it. This is the beginning of a beautiful thing and my first realization of the fact that mannequins get my little twat dripping wet. And so...

A mannequin fetish is born!

I'm sure there will be future updates including more of our mannequin friends, especially considering we are now in the same place and we can BOTH cover their poor little immobile faces in our juices. 

Tell Barbie we'll be waiting for her!

Cocks & Popshots!!!

XxX <3 Faye Runaway <3 XxX

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mortifying the city of Manassas...

So, as some of you may know, I recently moved to Virginia. (Not exactly Porn Valley.) Naturally, in the midst of running errands for various items for scenes, I feel the need to add comments from the peanut gallery about the items in which I purchase together. (What else makes someone even more uncomfortable than you acknowledging their discomfort? Ha ha.)

Rundown of my day...

Walmart: Enemas + Astroglide + Coffee Creamer = $9.01

Slapping them down at the register and saying "Bet you don't get a whole lot of this around here!" to the dense cashier girl and making her severely uncomfortable... PRICELESS!

DollarTree: Jumbo Glow Stick + Mini Tripod + False Eyelashes + Cat Toy + Make-up Sponges + Balloons + Ball Shooting Gun + Silicone Pacifiers + Bubble Playset + Blow Pops + Cable Ties (Multi-Colored) + Disposable Douche = $16.78

Watching the young mans face as he rings this plethora of items up and explaining that he can look for the full explanation online... PRICELESS!

Yes, folks! I have officially begun mortifying the city of Manassas. I'm sure more debauchery is to come! Somehow it still doesn't compare to my second night here when I got belligerently drunk going shot for shot with my boyfriends father and said to the girl walking out of the bar with her baby "Don't worry sweetie, I wont hurt you, my fist is still smaller than your baby!"

Surprisingly enough, his dad LOVES me!

XxX <3 Faye Runaway