Wednesday, March 14, 2012

They Don't Call Me Faye Runaway For Nothing...


True to my name, I sort of ran away for the last few months. Many of you already know this, because I have had more than a few requests for a new blog. Ha ha.

I was off corrupting innocents and violating holes of all shapes and sizes (including my own).

But, just as I always do, I have returned for some fun and entertainment.

I just got done on my webcam and am currently eating the banana that was in my ass only an hour or so ago. (What?!... I'm hungry!) Ha ha.

I will be on web cam periodically throughout the day today also (Thursday) and I need some fresh new ideas of what you all want to see. Email me your ideas at and I will be sure to fit them all inside of me. I mean... Fit them all in. ;-)

You can watch me on cam here: and if I am not on when you first check, hop back on after a bit and i'm sure you'll find me performing some filthy act or another. <3

Oooh! I almost forgot to mention! I'm a red-head right now!!!

With that, I will leave you with a few photos from today and bid thee all goodnight with the honorary "Cocks & Popshots!"


<3 Faye Runaway <3


  1. You are my favourite ever porn star. If I ever was lucky enough to be able to choose a porn star to spend a night with, it'd be you.

    You're perfect.

  2. Hey girl its Senta, give me a call I miss you!!! (480) 238-6173 or (480) 584-2777

  3. I know I'm a bit late but after reading your blog I have to say. I hope you And your bf are still together. Its giving me hope of finding someone that will accept my crazy ness and not just that but love it and encourage me to do more. I'm traveling across the country by hitch hiking. Train hopping. And by bus. I have chronic pain all throughout my body but I'm not letting that stop me! A big part of me traveling is trying to find someone similar to me. Who doesnt just talks the talk(like 98% of people) but someone who walks the walk. Anyways I have a couple questions. 1 I'm currently in Pittsburgh by accident and I go to a strip club and I see Sophie dee will be there on the 8th. It took me weeks to save up to get a train ticket. My question is do u think I should stay in town to see her in person thus losing 300 and a place to stay in Sacramento. Sophie dee isn't just a sexy actress to me. She apparently rises money for abused animals. And with my chronic pain and pain meds It takes time to jerk off. But after watching a couple interciews I've begun crushing on her. And I want to see her in person since Shea insanely attractive but also thank her for raising money. The question is have u worked/met her. If so do u think shed be willing&interested in talking with me. I'm not even talking about sex that's what I'd dream for but just talking. Question 2. You and I seem semi similar with the "running" away. I get that and I do that but my question is do you have any friends that are interested in traveling(male or female I'm BI) or even know anyone that could give me a couch to sleep on? Like I would send pictures. Talk on the phone or whatever they want.and I know this probably seems insane to ask but I am a baby 21 Male(BI) traveling ALLover the USA. And the thing with meeting sophi e is it feels like Fate! It was my FIRST strip club(in the US at least)and I see her sign!!! Again its taken me weeks to save for this train ticket and if I don't use it I'll be doing What I have been. Sleeping outside. Hitch hiking.if I stay just to meet her I'll have 36 dollars to my name. I'll be able to make money but I'd lose this chance. I'm not in love with her but I do have an elementary/middle school crush.from her personality more then her banging body.again I am 21MaleBi. Mainly looking for like minded friends my phone #240 393 2033 I'm sorry if this megauber long MSF makes u uncomfortable.but I hope it doesn't! I hope we can become friends I'm not 5 3 104 pounds I'm also non threatening Cruz doctors tell me I'll most likely die B4 I turn 25. Don't feel bad I'm telling u so u can make a better call with Dee. I really want to meet u too. I've spent years like lookin for a travel friend. I'm trying to make friends with porn guys n girls Cruz I have no one elaw

  4. Hey, would love to use you in some art ideas I have.. Please get back to me if you see it possible... Love your work, love everything you do so far..Look forward to lots more..Pete

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