Saturday, November 5, 2011

Faye Runaway Presents Gemma Stone!

I would like everyone to give a warm, wet welcome to my newest contract girl Gemma Stone!

I met Gemma in Provo, Utah; back when young Gemma was a naive Mormon girl with a taste for the dirty life. Or maybe I had a taste of the Mormon life If you know what I mean. =)

I met Gemma at a punk show in which she had to lie to her parents to attend. She had told her parents she was staying the night at a friends house, and after a few drinks and a long show, she realized that she really didn't have anywhere to spend the night other than home.

Now, being the kind, gentle, (perverted and manipulating) soul that I am, I asked Gemma if she wanted to come back to my house. Maybe it was the drinks or possibly (DEFINITELY) my insinuations, but that night I got to see the real Gemma Stone (ALL OF HER!!!)

Now, years later, I've convinced Gemma to share herself with all of you. With her being my newest contract girl, this wont be the last you see of Gemma Stone. I am currently working LONG and HARD on my website, where you can watch Gemma and my webcams and SO much more!!!

Check out Gemma's FIRST blog post at Show my girl what every inch of the Faye Runaway family feels like!

Cocks & Popshots! (All over Gemma's face)

It really is the season of giving!

<3 Faye Runaway

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