Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wanna Get Poked?

I mean pierced pervert! Get your mind outta the gutter! Ha ha!

If anyone lives near D.C. or is in the area visiting come see my friend Craig Unglesbee in Woodbridge at Doctor Sin Tattoo & Body Piercing to get your fix!

Craig does amazing surface and body piercing work, and If you're really lucky he might just tickle your twat with his super sexy beard!
(Don't worry, the crappy photoshop layout was my doing! Lol!)

Add Craig on Facebook at 

Check out his site at

And check out the shop at

You'll be seeing more from Craig when I start shooting my piercing-porn line (Yes ladies, his twat tickler will be there too!)

As always,

Cocks & Popshots!

<3 Faye Runaway

Yes he does!!!

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